The 'New Moon' Wolf Pack REALLY Let Themselves Go In Today's Daily TwitPic

One of the reasons the ladies love "Twilight" -- and "New Moon" in particular -- so much is the abundance of well-manicured male pecs on display. And while much has been made of Taylor Lautner's -- ie Jacob Black, werewolf -- abundant shirtlessness, his pack brothers, the so-called Wolf Pack, spend a lot of their screen time in states of half-undress.

Of course, with any film as large as "New Moon," you're going to have a backup plan. What if someone gets sick? Has a death in the family? Is torn to shreds by a werewolf that's broken out of its cage? You've got to be prepared for these things. Tinsley Korey, who plays wolf-boy Sam Uley's fiancee Emily, shows us just how UNprepared director Chris Weitz was for a Wolf Pack breakdown in today's Daily TwitPic. I warn you: the image that lies after the jump is... disturbing.

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