Scenes From 'Toy Story' In Today's Daily TwitPic

I admit it: I'm an overgrown child at heart. Warmoth's Twitter Pic of the Day selection yesterday featured "The Office" star Rainn Wilson's high school yearbook photo. All I saw however were homemade "Toy Story" models. Seriously, young Rainn is cool and all, but this morning's Daily TwitPic shout goes to Pixar's Lee Unkrich for sharing a fan's efforts with the world (wide web).

You'll actually find three pics after the jump, not just one. All three recall scenes from the original "Toy Story," convincing models made out of... well... I can't really tell. The work belongs to Twitter user @peejou, who may or may not explain how she got the job done in her feed. I couldn't tell you, as most of it is written in Japanese. But the work speaks for itself, so hit the jump and enjoy.

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