'Panic Attack' Picked Up By Sam Raimi, Channels 'District 9,' 'War Of The Worlds'

I hate to make comparisons, but they are exceedingly apt in this case. One of the best movies of the year, in my book at least, was "District 9." The unconventional alien "invasion" sci-fi flick started as a made-for-Internet short under the direction of Neill Blomkamp. Producer Peter Jackson partnered up with the fledgling filmmaker, a collaboration which resulted in the feature-length "District 9."

The moral of the story? There's a lot of untouched talent out there, waiting to be found. Case in point: Fede Alvarez. The Uruguayan filmmaker is making waves on the Internet today with "Panic Attack!," a sci-fi short featuring a giant robot alien invasion. It's a clever piece of film, made for just a few hundred dollars but gorgeous all the same. There are already easy comparisons to be made and you haven't even heard the crux of the news.

Sam Raimi and his Ghost House Pictures has signed a deal for Alvarez to "develop and direct an original genre project" under their banner, The Hollywood Reporter reveals. A deal said to be in the "six- against seven-figure range." Ghost House will take on the task of hiring a writer to bring Alvarez's vision to life. And speaking of that vision, why don't you take a look:

This has been quite a year for newcomers in the land of blockbuster filmmaking. Blomkamp shocked the world with his best-event-of-the-summer offering, with large thanks in order to his similarly green star (and one-time producer) Sharlto Copley. Then there's Oren Peli, and the unparalleled success of his genre-breaking horror/suspense flick "Paranormal Activity."

Now we have Alvarez. His vision may not feel as unique or as fresh given what's preceded the arrival of "Panic Attack!" this year, but it smacks of quality for me in a way that 90% of the blockbuster fare out there does not. I am excited to see what this pairing with Raimi will bring.

What do you think of the short? Who would be best to flesh out this idea into a full script? What do you make of the year's unusual discoveries?