EXCLUSIVE: Nicolas Cage Wants To Know If You've Heard Anything About 'Ghost Rider 2'

FROM SPLASH PAGE: Nicolas Cage’s 2007 hit “Ghost Rider” may have made $115 million, but two years later it seems to be existing in that same state of Hollywood limbo as barely-blockbusters like “The Sum of All Fears,” “Hairspray,” or “The Italian Job” — sequel rumors pop up, but there’s some doubt whether one would cement a bigger “Bourne”-like box-office increase, or a “Tomb Raider”-esque over-anticipation of demand. And despite reports of movement on David Goyer's "Ghost Rider" sequel script, Cage says he’s the wrong person to ask these days for updates.

“You probably know more about it then I do,” laughed the veteran actor when asked about the project. “What have you read?"

Cage said he hadn’t heard anything about Goyer's sequel — which is set 10 years after the first film — and is afraid to comment on his future with the character these days.

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