'The Hobbit' Shooting Delayed, According To Producer Peter Jackson

I feel like I've been giving you lots of morning updates on "The Hobbit" lately. This is odd for a movie which is verifiably more than a year away. Closer to two or three, really. As excited as we all are to plunge back into the "Lord of the Rings" universe, it's going to be some time yet before we see how Guillermo del Toro puts his own unique spin on Peter Jackson's film vision of Middle-earth.

Unfortunately, this may very well be the last "Hobbit" update for awhile. However long we were going to be waiting for the movie's release (the first that is, of a duology), the time just got extended a bit. It was originally believed that the New Zealand shoot would get underway in March. This is no longer the case, according to Jackson.

The producer, speaking to German outlet MovieReporter.net, revealed that production will now be starting sometime in the middle of next year. Here's the full quote (translated by TheOneRing.net):

"We're currently working on the second script which we hope to have completed by the end of this year or beginning of next. When the scripts are completed, we can begin with the exact calculation of the necessary budget. We hope to start filming in the middle of next year. However, we've received no green light from the studio yet."

So there you have it. Already a long way off, "The Hobbit" is now coming later rather than sooner. Bummer. Especially with that "no green light" comment. Given the financial state of the world, could the studio be weighing the option of putting what is bound to be a pricey investment on hold? Especially since this is already-financially-troubled MGM we're talking about.

Can you stand the wait for "The Hobbit" anymore? How are you going to get through the next two or so years?