'New Moon' Nearly Gets Blind Sided In The Sunday Box Office Report

DESC1. "The Twilight Saga: New Moon" ($42.5 million)

2. "The Blind Side" ($40.1 million)

3. "2012" ($18 million)

4. "Old Dogs" ($16.8 million)

5. "A Christmas Carol" ($16 million)

The Thanksgiving holiday weekend proved a favorable occasion for vampire enthusiasts and family drama lovers alike as "The Twilight Saga: New Moon" and "The Blind Side" emerged in the top two seats at the box office by Sunday's conclusion.

"New Moon" may have shattered records left and right during its opening weekend, but the much-buzzed Sandra Bullock starring "The Blind Side" did quite well for itself under the gargantuan shadow of the "Twilight" crowd. One weekend later, the two films are performing almost equally as "New Moon" finished the weekend with $42.5 million and "The Blind Side" roped in $40.1 million.

While "The Blind Side" was unable to fully dethrone "New Moon" — even though it did steal the first place seat on Thanksgiving day — the heartwarming tale overcame Roland Emmerich's big budget disaster flick, "2012." Now in its third week in theaters, "2012" took the bronze medal for the weekend with an $18 million intake. Even if the doomsday film is cooling off in the United States, "2012" has amassed a hefty chunk of change through international ticket sales, resulting in a worldwide cumulative total of $594.5 million.

The weekend's new releases experienced a varied degree of success. "Old Dogs" managed a fourth place finish thanks to the combined star power of Robin Williams and John Travolta, yielding $16.8 million by Sunday's end. "Ninja Assassin," the WB's martial arts action film produced by the Wachowski siblings, landed in fifth place on Friday but slipped into sixth by the end of the weekend with only $13.1 million. "The Road," the Viggo Mortensen-starring drama from the Weinsteins, performed admirably in just 111 movie theaters with $1.5 million over three days.

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