Who We're Thankful For In 2009: Sam Rockwell

FROM MTV.COM: Was there a more inventive performance in 2009 than Sam Rockwell's in "Moon"? Or, we should say, the performances of the many, many Sam Rockwells who show up in this sci-fi mind-bender about outer space, isolation and technology? The actor took a risk with first-time director Duncan Jones and the gamble paid off big time: The movie was one of the coolest of the year and Rockwell has rightly been mentioned as a potential Oscar candidate.

So MTV News must express our gratitude during this week in which we are giving thanks to the best films and brightest performances of the year. But when it comes to Rockwell, we're also thankful for a movie we haven't seen yet: "Iron Man 2," which he filmed this year and will arrive in theaters in 2010. In a recent chat, Rockwell looked back at "Moon," forward at "Iron Man" and with a sideways grin at the idea of nabbing a little gold statuette come awards season.

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