Ryan Reynolds, The Actor We Are Most Thankful For In 2009

FROM MTV.COM: Ryan Reynolds might want to quit while he's ahead. How else can the man top 2009, when he starred in two of the 10 highest-grossing movies of the year ("X-Men Origins: Wolverine" and "The Proposal"), as well as the critically lauded indie "Adventureland"?

Then again, the 33-year-old can't go into hiding anytime soon. This year, he signed on to two big-budget franchise flicks, "Deadpool" and "Green Lantern." Lucky for him, fanboys couldn't be more excited to see his takes on both iconic comic book characters. As Thanksgiving approaches and we dole out gratitude to our favorite actors and filmmakers of the year, MTV News is delighted to dub Ryan Reynolds as the guy we're most thankful for in 2009.

In an exclusive chat, the man himself discussed reworking an iconic comic book character in "Wolverine," making the biggest rom-com in history with "Proposal," and what the future is going to look like now that he's becoming both Deadpool and Green Lantern.

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