Woody Allen Plays A Tune For 'Superbad' Director Greg Mottola In Today's Daily TwitPic

I'm a fan of Greg Mottola. I'll never forgive him for moving the setting of this year's "Adventureland" away from my childhood home of Long Island, but he's a fellow Islander and I just can't stay mad at him. Plus, Mottola can bring the funny like few others can. "Superbad" is laugh-out-loud hilarious and "Adventureland," despite its shortcomings, manages to strike a fine balance between the crass hilarity of its predecessor and the more gentle trappings of a teenage love story. Plus, "Twilight" star Kristen Stewart is central to the story.

Mottola is also a fan of jazz, as this morning's Daily TwitPic illustrates. While out the other night in New York City, he caught a performance from no less a personality than Woody Allen, accomplished filmmaker and notable jazzhound. After the jump, you'll find the picture that proves it.

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