An Official 'Breaking Dawn' Announcement Is Looming, 'New Moon' Star Michael Welch Says

FROM MTV.COM: The signs, it would seem, are everywhere. It might just be the worst-kept secret in all of Hollywood. So, why hasn't the "Breaking Dawn" movie been announced yet?

For starters, according to the Hollywood Reporter, Summit Entertainment just announced a television deal with FX to broadcast four "Twilight" films. Rob Pattinson told us that the movie might be filmed in Portland. Ryan Seacrest's radio show recently furthered the rumor (heard from a Summit exec's wife at a nail salon, mind you) that the final "Twilight" book was being split into two movies. And then there's the fact that it would be preposterous that an opening of $143 million in could be ignored and everyone would just release "Eclipse" and call it a day.

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