'Avatar,' Woody Allen And A Tweet From Prison In Today's Twitter-Wood

If you read Twitter-Wood for the pictures, you picked a good day to stop by, because I've got a veritable Twitter slideshow set up for you today, starting with a Woody Allen jazz performance and including but not limited to Emmy Rossum in a turkey hat and Shakira hobnobbing with Larry King.

You may or may not have known that "Pulp Fiction" writer Roger Avary was currently serving time at Ventura County Jail in California. His tweets from inside recently came to my attention, such today's where he introduces a new neighbor. Check those posts out after the jump along with Richard Kelly's question about "Avatar," Dane Cook's problem with Adam Lambert and Michael Showalter's feelings about "Bad Lieutenant." It's all in the Twitter Report for November 24, 2009.

Twitter Pic of the Day:

@gregmottola just a monday night in nyc (or bourbon street) http://yfrog.com/1dg2pj

-Greg Mottola, Writer/Actor/Director ("Adventureland," "Superbad")


@emmyrossum Ha! RT @countingcrows: Very Stanislavsky: @EmmyRossum channels her inner Thanksgiving Day Turkey. Very dark&intense http://twitpic.com/qpmf4

-Emmy Rossum, Actress ("Dragonball Evolution," "Dare")

@JRichardKelly If his Avatar body gets eaten or killed, what happens to Jake Sully in his womb back at the lab?

-Richard Kelly, Writer/Director ("Donnie Darko," "The Box")

@AVARY #34's new roomie, EZ, takes Yeyo's old bunk, locker, AND number. He regales awesome tales about his former life as an Oxnard gangbanger.

-Roger Avary, Writer ("Pulp Fiction," "Beowulf")

@danecook Adam Lambert sounds like Mario Cantone. They should do an album together. Their harmonies would sound like dueling fire alarms.

-Dane Cook, Actor ("Waiting...," "Employee of the Month")

@DAVID_A_SLADE The wild success of New Moon this weekend is both humbling & exciting as we continue Post on Eclipse. Thanks to you lot for the support.

-David Slade, Director ("30 Days of Night," "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse")

@mshowalter Must see - Bad Lieutenant w/Nick Cage. Iguana drug trip sequence worth price of admission.

-Michael Showalter, Actor/Writer (”Signs,” “Wet Hot American Summer”)

@kingsthings http://twitpic.com/qs8rj - There's a She Wolf in my closet... It's Shakira!

-Larry King, Actor ("Bee Movie," "Shrek the Third")

@ActuallyNPH Just saw Penn & Teller at the Rio. Always have new material. Awesome. Pic of them giving me some magic pointers: http://yfrog.com/351bidj

-Neil Patrick Harris, Actor ("Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay," "Starship Troopers")

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