James Franco Makes Out With Kirsten Storms On 'General Hospital' -- 11/24 Recap

Okay... several things are going on right now, so let's get right to the break down.

Maxie and James Franco do a flirty dance of words in his studio, where he tells lie after lie and suddenly she grows a brain and believes none of it. Maxie kind of "gets" Franco's creepy facade, and is even turned on by it. There's more kinky blindfold action, and then there's action of a different sort. You know, the kind that will cause Spinelli's heart to break into a million shards like the glass Maxie dramatically throws to the floor.

Elsewhere, Lucky questions all the mob-related fellows in Port Charles. He starts in prison with Anthony Zacchara, and Anthony learns of his failed hit on Sonny, as well as Joey's death. Wah wah. Then, Lucky moves on to Sonny, who is surprised that Joey's body was posed at the crime scene. Finally, Lucky goes to the gallery opening to question Spinelli, and finds Franco's crime scene photos that are posed the way Joey's body was. Just put the pieces together, already!

Later, Sonny (mob boss) tells Dominic/Dante (undercover cop playing the part of loyal mobster) that he prays none of his kids becomes a cop, putting them on opposite sides of the law. A little background for those of you who aren't regular viewers: these guys don't know they're father and son (hence the whole Olivia-Johnny discussion). But when they do find out, you'll want to be there for the fireworks.

Hey, James Franco's brother, Dave, is going to be on an upcoming episode "Scrubs"!