'Eclipse': The Facts So Far As We Know Them

FROM MTV.COM: Nowadays, "New Moon" is tearing apart box-office records like a Cullen feasting on a freshly killed deer. With the "Twilight" sequel nabbing the advance-sales record, the biggest single-day record and the highest-grossing midnight showings of all time, fans have to wonder: Can this franchise get any bigger? Fortunately, they only have to wait seven months to get the answer.

Many of the saga's stars have cited "Eclipse" as their favorite of Stephenie Meyer's novels, and with "30 Days of Night" filmmaker David Slade at the helm, it seems likely to be a very distinctive entry into the blockbuster series. With that in mind (and since we're always on top of the latest "Twilight" news) we wanted to bring you our cheat sheet for "Eclipse" a little bit early to give you one-stop shopping for all the latest details on what could possibly be the biggest film of 2010.

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