Judd Apatow and Aziz Ansari Sell Universal On 'Funny People' Spin-Off

Last week, during a live Q&A on FunnyOrDie.com, Judd Apatow addressed the idea of a "Funny People" spin-off focused on Aziz Ansari's minor stand-up comedian character, Randy (or, Raaaaaaaandy), implying that it was all up to the actor if it would happen. "You should Twitter Aziz Ansari and tell him you want that movie," Apatow urged fans via webcam. "Aziz may be concerned that more people think he's Randy than Aziz. That may be his hesitation."

Well, the occasional IMAX protester and costar of NBC's "Parks and Recreation" has apparently gotten over that hesitation, whether due to fans Tweeting him or not. According to Variety, he and writer-director Jason Woliner, one of Ansari's collaborators on MTV's sketch comedy show "Human Giant," have sold Apatow and Universal Pictures on a pitch for the Randy movie, along with two other movie ideas.

Ansari notes that he was surprised Apatow was interested in all three pitched projects, but he likely expected his "Funny People" spin-off to get the go-ahead. In Apatow's live Q&A he spoke admirably of the very raunchy Randy character, stating "I think Randy is a magical character. It's as if [Ansari] has created his very own little tramp."

Apatow specifies a difference between Charlie Chaplin (the referenced "tramp") and Ansari's characters though, which I can't really go into here. If you've seen any of the Raaaaaaaandy! viral videos on FunnyOrDie.com, you will understand why. Also, Apatow has a filthy mouth.

As for Ansari and Woliner's other pitches, one of them also sounds inspired by "Funny People." Still without a title, it involves a "disgraced cosmonaut (Ansari) who is forced to return to outer space to clear his name." Reminds me of the fake movie titled "Astro-Not," which is one of Adam Sandler's character's lame comedies in "Funny People." Of course, that fake movie called to mind real movies like "The Reluctant Astronaut" and "RocketMan"

The third project is called "Let's Do This." It is a road trip comedy about two guys on a motivational speaking tour. This one sounds the least interesting at the moment, but given that it has a title, I'm guessing it will be the first to go into production. Not that it really matters which is greenlit first, as long as it stars the hilarious Aziz Ansari.

"Funny People" hits DVD and Blu-ray today, and it includes the Raaaaaaaandy viral videos among its many bonus features.

Are you a fan of Aziz Ansari? Do you know him from his "Human Giant" days? How do these pitches sound to you? Which would you want to see first?