EXCLUSIVE: 'New Moon' Costume Design, Part I: Bella And Edward

FROM HOLLYWOOD CRUSH: In the long awaited countdown to "New Moon," we've brought you just about everything you've ever wanted to know about the franchise, its stars and their (maybe) love lives. Now that you've seen the big sequel (and caused it to break box office records), we bet your head is swimming with even more "I need to know this NOW!" questions — especially ones about your favorite character's style in the movie. That's where we come in.

We knew how much you loved Edward's grey pea coat in "Twilight" (it was a custom design). And we bet you already own a version Bella's blue hooded jacket (made by BB Dakota) — but with "New Moon" comes a whole new shopping list. So, starting today, we'll look back at the making of the movie's wardrobe with costume designer Tish Monaghan. First up: Edward (Robert Pattinson) and Bella (Kristen Stewart).


“There was already a particular look in place, so the first thing I did was find out from the studio and the director, Chris Weitz, if they were happy with the looks of the characters,” recalled costume designer Tish Monaghan. “Were there things they wanted changed? Once I got those instructions — there were only minor adjustments to be made.” Bella's presentation from “Twilight” was kept consistent. “[The studio and Chris] liked that she was a tomboy and that she was in earth tones and was a little bit out of place. So I picked up on all of those comments, and when I did all of my purchasing for her, I stayed more or less in that world unless there was something specific that was required in the script.”

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