James Franco Redefines Creepy On General Hospital -- 11/23 Recap

Let's start by saying that nothing good ever comes out of all of Port Charles congregating in the same place at the same time. Through the recent carnival calamity, hospital fire and Metro Court hotel hostage crisis (just to name some of the more recent mega-disasters) you'd think that our PC friends would have learned this by now.

(As an aside, I was just recalling some of the fiascos the writers have introduced for sweeps over the years, and the time that half the town got monkey virus doesn't seem so ridiculous now that we have problems like swine flu. But I digress.)

Friends, welcome to the Crimson gallery opening! Literally every major character will find a reason to attend.

James Franco takes a special interest in Crimson lackey -- and hot blond -- Maxie Jones. The two meet when Franco makes himself part of his own exhibit by playing the dead man in one of the installations. Maxie walks in and freaks out that someone's messing with the exhibit. Babble babble babble, yell yell yell and all of a sudden she's calling the artist a pompous twit. Little does she know that Franco and the artist are one and the same person. But Franco can't get enough: "Pompous twit at your service," he says. How long til Maxie breaks fiance Damien Spinelli's poor little heart with this guy? I give her about 5 minutes.

Anyway, our fave Port Charles royalty arrive for various reasons. Luke and Tracy. Dominic/Dante and his alibi... er, date... Lulu (Luke's daughter). Max and Milo (Sonny's thugs). Jason and his alibi Sam. Robin and Patrick. Sonny and his alibi Olivia. Jax. Spinelli.

Meanwhile, Franco turns up the charm on a very flustered Maxie. While trying to impress the fashionista, he also meets Luke -- clearly they get along. Franco's full of strange one-liners, like "art's like a mirror, it's pretty clear what you see" and" "I like it here in Port Charles, folks here are so friendly."

Maxie continues to freak out.

Franco also meets Sonny, who compliments the exhibit. Jason walks in, and Franco's head all but explodes. Franco wants to meet the object of his obsession, but Jason refuses to play ball.

Maxie? Still with the out-freaking.

An unhappy Franco decides to take off, luring Maxie with him. And soon she's blind folded. And at his creepy studio. And laying down in a chalk outline in a crime scene so the artist can take pictures of her (hasn't she heard of the internet? Those photos will be in the wrong hands in no time).

Maxie may be an idiot, but there's definitely an attraction between them, and it is absolutely dangerous. And tomorrow can't come soon enough, because things are sure to be steamy.