If The 'New Moon' Weekend Success Didn't Make It Clear Enough, 'Twilight' Has TAKEN OVER

I hope y'all are ready for a full day of "New Moon" coverage. Because it came out of the weekend with the biggest all-time records broken for midnight openings and Friday openings. And it's number three for top all-time opening weekends, behind "The Dark Knight" and "Spider-Man 3" (no, there's no accounting for taste with Spidey).

So let me make this absolutely clear for everyone: "Twilight" is officially everywhere. EVERYWHERE. And like the vampires it portrays, the franchise is starting to infect every facet of pop culture. Just take a look at our "Twilight" Takeover flipbook gallery to see for yourself.

And just so you know, that pic up there might be my favorite Photoshop of all time. BIG BIG BIG ups to producer Sohyung Kang for her fantastic work. Be sure to show your love by giving us a shout in the comments section below (and remember, you can sign in using your Facebook ID).