'New Moon' Reviewed: What Did YOU Think?

Over the weekend, I put out a shout on Twitter for you to share your "New Moon" reviews with us. I saw it myself in a Saturday morning matinee. Which, I might add, was the most crowded I've ever seen a movie theater at 10am on a Saturday. And I go to lots of matinees. I'll have some thoughts to share on that later, but for now I'd like to let you all speak your mind (with minimal edits, for length and readability). So without further ado, here's what you readers thought of "New Moon"...

From reader "S": "New Moon" was fantastic. It was a hundred times better than Twilight in every way. Chris Weitz did a fantastic job bringing the book to life. Even my mother, who isnt exactly a twilight fan, admitted that the movie was pretty good. She was also impressed with all of the muscles that Taylor Lautner had put on ;)

From reader "Lucian": "New Moon" was great, and it followed the novel pretty accurately also. I was super stoked to finally get to see it and I'm going to go see it again next week. And seriously, why would someone get on the Internet just to bash on stuff, I never understood that. These movies and books are going to be successful whether you like it or not, because they appeal to all people on a plane that is easy to relate to. I went to the four o' clock showing at my local movie theater on opening day and there were more adults than kids in line. So you also can't say it's just teenagers that are entranced by Taylor and Rob's hotness. And when I say adults, I mean thirty year olds and grandmas. "New Moon" gets a 15 out of 10 from me. You're a genius Chris [Weitz]... ["Twilight" director] Catherine Hardwicke laid the foundation and you Built a G_d damned mansion...Great work!!!

Reader "Brianna" says: I did my part, saw it 2 times this weekend, Friday and Saturday. I loved this movie, every inch of it. CHRIS W. did am amazing job. Unbelievable job. Hope he does "Breaking Dawn"!

Reader "Renee" said: Saw the movie twice. Loved loved LOVED it. Far, far better than the first movie. Everything has improved: the acting, direction, cinematography, screenplay, costumes, action, romance... I'm not at all surprised by the results. Although there are many who hate the "Twilight" saga, the fans are certainly not messing around! :) The midnight show here was sold out three weeks before release. I'm going to see it next week with my mother, who is also a "Twilight" fan (she is 62 and I am 37.. and I have a 17 yr old son named Edward.)

From reader Emily B., who was kind enough to send us her review in an e-mail. Thanks so much, Emily!

I am a complete 'Twilighter' so I had very high expectations for the film; I'd been counting down since the release date was announced. So my first opinion was that I was disappointed - It didn't do the book justice. I think this was just because I was expecting it to be too good; I set myself up for a fall. However, I loved all the acting and directing. I wish there had been less Edward; I love him but we didn't get chance to miss him in the film, whereas in the book it's torture! I am a big fan of the Wolf Pack, Alex Meraz (Paul) in particular so I was disappointed when he was barely in it. The same goes for Kellan Lutz. However, I think Taylor completely dazzled us all; he deserves all the love he gets for his breathtaking performance. I also think Mike Welch, Edi Gathegi and Billy Burke were very strong, however small their parts may have been.

Overall, I had mixed opinions. I loved the actors and directing, but was disappointed that some of it just seemed to drag...when there was lots more they could have added. I think the more I watch it, the more I will love it. I think it'll just have to grow on me. One last thing, at the moment I preferred the Twilight film; so I don't think we should forget Catherine Hardwicke who gave us a great film before Chris Weitz, although I think Chris did a very good job.

Oh, and Rachelle [Lefevre] will always be Victoria. :)


@majin_melmo: New Moon is my favorite book in the series--all I hoped for was a movie that wasn't screwed up. It wasn't. It was glorious.

@stefanieRibarra: New Moon Couldnt have been more faithful to the book I loved it I felt like I was reading the Book Literally which is amazing

@ophelieCo: +faithful2 the book,deep,intense,+adult,dark,bewitching&EdwardOMG!His relationship with Bella!their kisses're more sex!

@VictoriaResende: ok here is what i thought: Loved it! I laughed, cried, and couldnt believe how good Taylor was, everything was smushed close

@gemmacurriee: amazing! 100 times better than twilight!

@beckylovesjonas: it was amazing! Team Jacob! it was way more amazing that twilight was too!

@xlivingthedream: NEW MOON TOTALLY ROCKED!