Ryan Seacrest, Don Johnson And Larry King Are Three Amigos In Today's Daily TwitPic

This morning's Daily TwitPic has absolutely nothing to do with "New Moon." I know that was the weekend highlight for many of you, but no one on the Twitter-Wood feed last Friday seemed will to share pics of their glittered-covered selves. Go figure.

Nonetheless, today's pic made me do a little bit of a double-take. These three guys may have history on television, but they couldn't have come from more different places. There's Larry King of course, armed and dangerous in this pic, and celebrating his birthday party. Then you've got Ryan Seacrest, "American Idol" host and "E! News" fixture. And finally there's Don Johnson. Some of you younger folk might not recognize him, and that's a shame. He was one half of the crime-fighting super-team on "Miami Vice." It's an odd lineup... hit the jump to see it.

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