After 'New Moon,' What's Next For Vampires?

As so many of the other posts here on MTV Movies Blog today already did today, I'm first going to remind you that "New Moon" is now in theaters. See, it's kind of a big deal. And as you might imagine, we have vampires on the brain as a result.

Now even the most rabid Twilighter will tell you that Stephenie Meyer's series isn't for everyone. The phenomenon has definitely grown beyond the core audience of teenage girls, but there are still those who prefer to see their blood-suckers swimming in entrails and terrorizing and unknowing public. Well we've got you covered. Really it's Hollywood that has you covered; I'm just here to give you an update. In the coming year and beyond, there are quite a number of vampire movies coming out, catering to a variety of audiences. Two more "Twilight" movies sure, but what else? Hit the jump to read about a few of our highlights.


Release date: January 8, 2010

What it's about: By the year 2019, the human race will be nearly gone, extinguished by a growing population of vampires who farm un-turned people for their blood. As humanity's light flickers, a group of renegade vampires work to spread a cure which would end the vampire threat once and for all. Not just that, but safely and with minimal loss of life. Unfortunately, there are those in the vampire world who have come to enjoy their newfound power. Starring Ethan Hawke, Willem Dafoe and Sam Neill.

Why Twilighters should care: Dreamy Ethan Hawke in place of dreamy Robert Pattinson.

Why non-Twilighters should care: A (presumably) R rating, for starters. Also, Willem Dafoe's crazy eyes and crazier shotgun/crossbow. Before brothers Michael and Peter Spierig wrote and directed "Daybreakers," they did the 2003 Australian horror/comedy "Undead," a blood-soaked zombie adventure involving aliens and a triple-barreled shotgun. Clearly the Spierig's like their weapons.

"Let Me In"

Release date: 2010

What it's about: Director Matt Reeves' remake of the Swedish vampire film, "Let the Right One In." A young boy who is a bullied outcast among his peers befriends a young(-looking), female vampire. Ah, young love. So free... so innocent... so full of bloody, supernaturally-motivated homicide?!

Why Twilighters should care: The human/vampire story of frienship ought to ring true with Twilighters. Though "Let the Right One In" is admittedly NOT a romance the way "Twilight" is. This is a remake though, so who knows what will be different.

Why non-Twilighters should care: "Let the Right One In" is an atypical, highly regarded vampire flick. You may not agree with the need for an Americanized remake, but Reeves is an accomplished director and he's got a cast that includes Kodi Smit-McPhee ("The Road"), Chloe Moretz, Elias Koteas and Richard Jenkins.


Release date: October 1, 2010

What it's about: In "Priest," an adaptation of the popular manga series, a man of the cloth goes rogue to hunt down the group of blood-suckers responsible for kidnapping his niece. Along the way he teams up with a sheriff and a priestess. Starring Paul Bettany, Cam Gigandet, Maggie Q and Karl Urban.

Why Twilighters should care: CAM GIGANDET, STAR OF "TWILIGHT"! Yes, Gigandet played jerkface vampire James in the first "Twilight" movie. Also, "True Blood" star Stephen Moyer has a part in "Priest," and the HBO vampire series seems to be pretty popular with you Twilighters as well.

Why non-Twilighters should care: Is the whole "warrior priest pursuing a coven of vampires" synopsis not enough to sell you? Or the great cast? How about the fact that horror-meister Sam Raimi is one of the producers? No? Then I don't know what to tell you.


Release date: 2011

What it's about: It's basically "Sex and the City" with vampires. Two female blood-suckers must not only cope with their supernatural needs/abilities, but also the daunting task of simply living as single women in New York City.

Why Twilighters should care: Ladies-friendly director Amy Heckerling will write and helm "Vamps." Only Krysten Ritter ("What Happens in Vegas") has been cast, but I can see a plot like this appealing to the same people who go crazy for RPattz and KStew.

Why non-Twilighters should care: Let's face it-- everybody loves Amy Heckerling. "Clueless" was brilliant, good enough that I'm willing to forgive her for those two "Look Who's Talking" sequels.


Release date: June 30, 2010

What it's about: Do I really need to tell you? For the non-Twilighters: Bella and Edward are a couple once more, but a face from their shared past shows up looking for revenge. Bella is also conflicted, both over whether or not she should become a vampire and who she really loves: Edward or Jacob, vampire or werewolf.

Why Twilighters should care: It's the third "Twilight" book. There really isn't any more compelling reason than that.

Why non-Twilighters should care: I'm not sure you should care. I'm not sure you shouldn't either. I haven't read any of the books because I intend to see the movies fresh. From what I hear though, the action only amps up in "Eclipse." So expect a more blockbuster sort of affair than the previous two.