Michael Jackson, Brett Ratner And A Giant Afro In Today's Daily TwitPic

For the second time this week, the morning's Daily TwitPic showcases Brett Ratner's special relationship with pop legend Michael Jackson. Like the posting from earlier this week, today's pic comes courtesy of Twitter user @MJJalways.

As tragic as the circumstances are, I've been enjoying the flood of candid Jackson photos we've been seeing in the past months. In life, he was notoriously withdrawn from the public eye. It's easy to refer to him now as a "legend" because he was so untouchable and set apart even when he was still with us. So candid photos like the one from earlier this week and the one seen after the break give us a better picture of who Jackson was as a person. He gets pretty silly in today's pic too, wearing a giant afro wig that harkens back to his younger performance days with the Jackson 5.

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