'Fringe' Star Anna Torv Gives A Preview Of Tonight's Episode, 'August'

Who are the Observers? What is their purpose? And do they do more than just observe? Well, tonight's episode of "Fringe" seeks to answer at least some of the lingering questions about the bald-headed, condiment-loving characters and just what role they will play in the upcoming episodes.

"The episode that we actually do have coming up us one of my favorites," Anna Torv told MTV News, referring to tonight's episode, titled "August." "We sort of get to meet the Observers. At the moment what we know about them, they... seemingly just observe. That’s kind of it, but [in] the episode that we have coming up, we're not sure if all they do is just observe."

Torv went on to surmise that, based on one past experience with the Observers, things aren't exactly what they seem. Yes, that means they don't JUST observe. "We also know one of them saved Walter and Peter when they were in car accident… so we know they can interfere. I don’t know if that’s connected to-- we have all our own theories because we're on the show. I don’t know if that’s got anything to do with what's happening between the two universes… I'm not sure."

If you think that Torv may know anything more than that, you are wrong. "And we had this… Observer that we met, the strange bald guy [named] September, and we have an episode coming up called 'August' with a character in it called December. So we kind of get a little of an idea of who these people are," she said.

"I love Michael Cerveris, who started off playing September, [he] is just such a beautiful actor and I think he created a cool, mysterious, sort of-- you don’t know what world they're from and who they are and are they robots? We get a couple answers soon."

What are your theories about tonight's "Fringe"? How about the overarching plot? Share them in the comments below!