Brad Pitt Producing, Potentially Starring In 'Dark Void' Video Game Adaptation

The game-to-film adaptation train rolls on. Lots of passengers this week too. Yesterday, HBO's "Rome" star Kevin McKidd said that discussions are underway for a "Call of Duty" movie, unsurprising given the massive success of the just-released "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2."

And earlier today we brought you updates from "Twilight" producer Wyck Godfrey, who is also developing adaptations of recent hits "Gears of War" and "Dead Space." In yet more game adaptation news, Capcom has announced that their unreleased title "Dark Void" has been picked up by Brad Pitt's Plan B Entertainment as a potential vehicle for the "Inglourious Basterds" star.

"Dark Void" serves up a pretty wacky story about a cargo pilot who crashes in the Bermuda Triangle, only to wake up in a parallel universe. There he finds other humans -- Survivors -- who have banded together to fight an alien race known as The Watchers. It's a good thing the Survivors have Nikola Tesla on their side -- yes, that's where he went -- to re-purpose Watcher technology for human use.

I've played a little of the game in its preview form. The play itself didn't impress me so much (remember, PREVIEW), but the world and the creatures/tech populating it definitely feel unique. Presuming that the story packs more punch than the above synopsis lets on, this could make for good adaptation fodder. Especially with someone as talented and savvy as Pitt calling some of the shots.

Have you been following "Dark Void"? Do you think it could work as a movie? Do you think Brad Pitt would make the bold move of starring in a video game adaptation, a notoriously troubled sub-genre?