'True Blood' Star Stephen Moyer, Brittany Murphy And Luis Guzman Answer 'The Caller'

The vampires of "Twilight" aren't the only bloodsuckers making the rounds this week. "True Blood" star Stephen Moyer is earning a name for himself on the big screen as well, first with "Priest" — an adaptation of the TokyoPop manga series — and now with a thriller called "The Caller."

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Moyer is joining the film alongside Brittany Murphy and Luis Guzman, making for one of the strangest casting round-ups that I can think of in recent memory. "The Caller" is directed by Mathew Parkhill and written by Sergio Casci.

Bloody Disgusting has a rundown on the film's plot, which focuses on a woman named Mary Kee. She starts receiving mysterious phone calls on her old antique phone from an unknown caller named Rose, and her fears are only heightened when she learns that Rose is reaching out to her from the past. When Mary threatens to end contact with Rose, the mysterious woman threatens to harm Mary in the past, forcing the protagonist to try and put an end to the caller — but how can she kill someone that lives in the past?

While Murphy, Moyer and Guzman have been cast in the film, their respective roles are still unknown. It's likely that Murphy will play the role of Mary Kee, though she could just as easily portray the creepy Rose. Moyer, meanwhile, is a likely fit for the role of Mary's ex-husband, who apparently has an important part to play.

As for Guzman? Well, I'm still holding out some hope that he'll play Rose. Can you imagine his voice assuming the role of a horrifying female caller from the past? That would be some amazing cinema.

"The Caller" begins filming in Puerto Rico this Friday.

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