Johnny Depp, Danny DeVito And Patti Smith Get A Little Blurry In Today's Daily TwitPic

That headline ain't kidding. This morning's Daily TwitPic isn't the sharpest image you'll ever see. It may well be one of the blurriest. But it's also Danny DeVito celebrating his birthday -- yes, that's a candle-covered cake -- with Johnny Depp and Patti Smith.

DeVito and Depp at least were both in New York City this week for the exhibition opening of Tim Burton's career retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art. The trio are joined at their table by what is identified as "Troll Foot." If you look carefully, to the left of the cake, you can see it: a bare foot. If you follow DeVito then you know that he's got a weird fascination with tweeting images of his "Troll Foot." See for yourself after the jump.

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