Sean Connery Emerges From Retirement For 'Sir Billi,' Joins 'Goldfinger' Singer Shirley Bassey

Sean ConneryCorrect me if I'm wrong, but isn't Sean Connery supposed to be drinking delicious dragon's tears from the Holy Grail while surrounded by a harem of every beautiful Bond girl in cinema history? That was the impression I was under regarding the beloved actor's retirement plan — as it turns out, I was misinformed.

The erstwhile Henry Jones, Sr. is taking a break from retirement to lend his vocal talents to Sascha and Tessa Hartmann's "Sir Billi," a CGI animated film that's been in production for five years and is set to be completed in 2010. Alan Cumming, Miriam Margoyles, Ruby Wax and others are also providing voice work in the movie.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, "Sir Billi" focuses on "a retired, skateboarding veterinarian who lives in a remote Scottish village and who spearheads the rescue of an illegal fugitive who also happens to be a beaver."

Yeah. That would get me out of retirement, too.

Connery's involvement in the feature isn't entirely out of the blue, as the retired actor has served as an executive producer and has been "heavily involved with the independent studio project since its inception," according to THR.

A further Connery connection comes in the form of Shirley Bassey, the widely successful British singer that provided title tracks for James Bond films "Goldfinger," "Diamonds Are Forever" and "Moonraker." Bassey will sing "Guardian of the Highlands," the title song for "Sir Billi," which was apparently written with the hopes of enlisting the singer's talents.

"There was no persuading needed here, I liked the song from the moment I heard it," Bassey said of signing onto the picture. "Sascha and Tessa made the process incredibly fun and easy for me and we got a great result."

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