Harry Potter To Parody 'Twilight' On 'The Simpsons'

I don't know if you readers are familiar with SEO (search engine optimization), but that headline is a dream come true. You've got two of the biggest movie franchise phenomenons currently around combining with the longest-running American sitcom/animated series/primetime series (all three categories). As a "Simpsons" fan since day one of the series, it's also a great synergy of interests -- professional and non-professional -- on a personal level.

Okay, here's the news: EW's Hollywood Insider is exclusively reporting that "Harry Potter" star Daniel Radcliffe will lend his voice to "The Simpsons" next season. Not just any episode either: he'll appear in one part of next year's "Treehouse of Horror XXI" triptych, the series' yearly Halloween special. And the part of the episode he appears in will in fact be a "Twilight" parody. Hell, there are even a few plot details. Cue brain exploding... now.

In his appearance, Radcliffe will play Edmund, a boy vampire whom Lisa falls for. Unfortunately for the Twilight-crossed lovers, Homer and Dracula -- Edmund's dear, old dad -- don't approve of the union, and they endeavor to put a stop to it. Obviously not a direct spoof of the "Twilight" plot.

"The Simpsons" has thus far left Stephenie Meyer's blazing hot vampire series alone, but Harry Potter has been targeted before. One of the segments in "Treehouse of Horror XII," titled "Wiz Kids," saw Lisa and Bart attending Springwart's School of Magickry, where they team up with Harry Potter (not voiced by Radcliffe) to fight C. Montgomery Burns in the guise of the evil Lord Montymort. There's also the fictional "Angelica Button" book series -- featuring a wizened old sorcerer named Headmaster Greystash (a reference to Hogwarts' headmaster Albus Dumbledore) -- which has popped up in a couple of episodes.

"Twilight" has remained untouched until now, however. It probably has something to do with the fact that the phenomenon triggered in large part by the movie's release is only a year old. It's relatively common knowledge among fans that an average episode of "The Simpsons" takes roughly nine months to produce, so "Twilight"'s rapid rise in popularity explains why we'll only just be seeing a "Simpsons" nod -- a series known for staying culturally relevant -- next season.

Are you psyched for a "Harry Potter"-meets-"Twilight" union on "The Simpsons"? Do you think we'll see some reference to Cedric Diggory/Robert Pattinson's participation in both franchises?