Stephen Colbert Shaves Woody Harrelson's Head Because America Demanded It

Stephen Colbert is an artful comedian and satirist, but his skills as a barber and his taste in hairstyles are questionable at best, recently evidenced in his decision to shave himself entirely bald. Of course, one of "The Colbert Report" host's many fine qualities is his unparalleled sense of patriotism, which was at the root of his radical haircut in a decision made to support American troops fighting overseas.

Apparently, Colbert's sense of nationalism is contagious. On his show last evening, Colbert managed to convince actor Woody Harrelson — currently promoting "The Messenger," which focuses on an army officer that delivers death notices to soldiers' families — to let him shave his head.

That's right: Stephen Colbert shaving Woody Harrelson's head in a mutual show of solidarity for soldiers fighting abroad. The video evidence is after the jump.

I'm not much for crying, but I have to admit that the sight of Stephen Colbert shearing Woody Harrelson's admittedly few locks from his scalp while singing the Star Spangled Banner in near-perfect harmony brought more than a few tears to my eye — mostly from the laughing.

You gotta tip your hat to guys like Colbert and Harrelson who are willing to modify their pretty mugs all in the name of patriotism. If celebrities of their caliber are willing to do such a thing, maybe I could shave my head in support, too.

No Adam Rosenberg, I wasn't being serious. Put the shears down.

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(Editor's note: Tune in next week for the video of Wigler's head-shaving. He's coming into the office to "pick up a DVD." Little does he know...)