Matt Damon Is Still Plugging Away At That 'Bourne 4' Script With Paul Greengrass

by Matt Thompson

When "The Bourne Ultimatum" hit theaters in 2007, it was a logical assumption that it would be the last film in the Bourne series. Then Matt Damon signed on for a fourth film last October.

We reported over the summer that Damon was stumped when it came to creating an attractive plot to the fourth installment in the series. He reached out to the audience with an open invitation to anyone who had a brilliant idea for the story.

Two months later, the problem seems to be solved. In a recent interview with Total Film, Damon revealed that he and director Paul Greengrass are working feverishly on putting together a script for "Bourne 4."

"Personally, selfishly, we'd all really like to do it," Damon said. The last thing he wants to do is create an awful fourth chapter to what has been an epic series of films. "But we are really serious about trying to get the story and the script right because the only thing more disappointing than not having another one of these movies is - for us and for movie fans - to make one that isn't good."

The only thing to lose with "Bourne 4" is the series' reputation for being a classic. Often, writers push the issue too far and, after creating a brilliant film, they come back with a dreadful sequel. However, that hasn’t been the case in the "Bourne" series as critics have generally praised each of the two sequels. The last film, "Ultimatum," was even nominated for a few Academy Awards.

Damon has always has been dedicated to his work. He packed on the pounds for "The Informant!" and he successfully played against type for "Bourne," building himself into an unlikely action hero. For someone who went to Harvard, it shouldn’t be too hard for him to come up with a decent "Bourne" script. As Damon once said “If I go down, I'm going down swinging.” If the previous "Bourne" flicks are any indication, he won't need to worry about that just yet.

Do you think more "Bourne" movies are a good idea? Did you buy Damon as a potential action hero before you ever saw the first one?