A Pair Of 'New Moon' Specials Airing On MTV Next Monday

"New Moon" hits theaters next Friday. Kinda snuck up on you, didn't it? No? Fine then. It's still out next week. And since you readers so enjoy the works of Stephenie Meyer and subsequent big screen adaptations, it's kind of a big deal here in the MTV Newsroom. Across the entire MTV network, really. Which begs the question of how exactly we're going to service the tidal wave-sized fan demand for cool s--t related to the latest "Twilight" movie's release.

Primetime specials, that's how. "Specials" is plural because there'll be two of them: "Love Bites" and "'New Moon' Revealed." Set aside an hour on Monday evening, because MTV will be airing the two specials back-to-back -- "Bites" first, then "Revealed" -- starting at 10pm ET/PT.

For "Love Bites," we dive deep into the MTV archives for a look at how the relationship between stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart has progressed over the years, from their first audition onwards. "'New Moon' Revealed" tackles the "Twilight" phenomenon from another angle, answering the fans' most burning questions from the site of the "New Moon" mall tour stops in Los Angeles and Chicago. You can head over to MTV.com for Larry Carroll's full report.