James Franco, 'Donnie Darko' And Hilarious One-Liners Collide In This 'General Hospital' Promo

UPDATE: Commenter DeeDee has correctly pointed out that the "Mad World" covering playing behind the promo is actually "American Idol" star Adam Lambert's version of the tune, not Gary Jules'. They sound pretty damn close, especially with all of that dialogue playing over it.

I have nothing against soap operas. I spent many of my younger, carefree college days planted on the couch -- and missing class, incidentally -- watching "Days of Our Lives." So I can understand, even respect, a person's need to watch their stories. That said, I can't help but chuckle at the sight (and sound) of "Spider-Man" and "Pineapple Express" star James Franco in this "General Hospital" promo.

Yes, that is Gary Jules' cover of "Mad World," made famous by its appearance in Richard Kelly's "Donnie Darko," playing behind the action. And Franco does indeed smile smugly while uttering the words "Violence sells... that's what I'm all about, right?"

I don't have words. One of the producers here in the office -- I'm not naming names, to protect the innocent -- is a fan, and she just tried catching me up on the "GH" goings-on leading up to Franco's arrival. I didn't catch all of it. I assume someone's baby mama turned out to be their sister instead, and now that the news is out, dad/grand-dad -- who also happens to be an assassin/robot -- is not pleased.

Okay, that's pretty far-fetched. But Franco does play some kind of criminal figure in his "GH" appearance. And the Gary Jules bit-- that's apparently been teased in the weeks leading up to the appearance of Franco's character, in a series of scenes showing a creepy apartment while "Mad World" plays in the background. Hopefully Franco's playing some kind of nutball. It will make the guest appearance -- a role that he's described as "performance art" -- so much more entertaining.

Maybe Franco's just been re-watching "Delirious" too much. Anyone catch that long-forgotten gem? John Candy stars as a soap opera writer who hits his head and wakes up in a real life version of the small town where his soap is set. It's all dysfunctional family plots and cross-dressing mechanics and Robert Wagner appearances. Plus lox and cream cheese on cinnamon toast. Get it outta here!

Will you be tuning in for Franco's "General Hospital" appearances? Be honest now-- were you watching it long before his involvement was announced? Have you ever seen "Delirious"?