The 'New Moon' Mall Tour Comes To New Jersey!

FROM HOLLYWOOD CRUSH: Charlie Bewley would totally date you, "Twilight" fans. He said so himself at the Cherry Hill, New Jersey stop on the "New Moon" mall tour yesterday. There's a catch, though. He won't marry you. "I don't believe in marriage. I believe in polygamy," he jokingly said while turning down a fan's proposal. Though he clarified later that he was just kidding about the polygamy part (his actual stance on marriage remains unclear), from the deafening screams of the crowd, they might not have cared either way.

Hundreds of Twihards turned out to meet Charlie and costar Daniel Cudmore, who play Volturi guard members Demetri and Felix in the latest Twilight Saga installment, during the Nordstrom- and Hot Topic-sponsored promo tour. The lucky ones who camped out last weekend, some for more than 12 hours, made a purchase to get either a photo or an autograph from the Volturi vampires. Just 75 Nordstrom shoppers got their photos professionally taken with the boys, while 500 Hot Topic customers got their "New Moon" posters signed.

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