'Precious' Star Gabourey Sidibe Recalls Her On-Set 'Battle' With Mariah Carey

FROM MTV.COM: With an impressive box-office opening this past weekend, "Precious" proved to be worth all the critical acclaim and excitement brewing around it. The film features standout performances by pop star Mariah Carey, comedian Mo'nique and newcomer Gabourey Sidibe, who plays the title role. Sidibe credits director Lee Daniels for allowing the women to explore their characters.

"It was really, really cool. A lot of things that we said wasn't in the script, and so, like, we had free range," Sidibe said during her appearance on CBS' "Early Show" on Monday. "Mr. Daniels made sure we knew what the scene was about and that we can do whatever we felt like, and so it was really cool. And [Carey] was on her toes and I was on my toes, and it was almost like a fight, like a battle, because we are not friends really in this film at all. It was really cool."

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