'V' Returns To ABC Tonight In 'There Is No Normal Anymore'

Did you tune in last week for "V"? As a child of the '80s, I can still remember that Marc Singer-starring classic series. The scene where the visitors first touch down on Earth to the strains of John Williams' "Star Wars" score is forever burned into my consciousness. Those lizards scared the crap out of me though, like most other things I saw at that age.

The "V"-boot (get it?!) got off to a very promising start last Tuesday, essentially distilling the key beats of the original miniseries into a single hour. And since you all enjoyed Josh Wigler's recap of episode one (another one is incoming tonight), we're going to be supplementing it each week with a small gallery of images from the evening's episode. Click the pic below to check out our preview of tonight's, entitled "There Is No Normal Anymore."