Jake Gyllenhaal To Join 'Moon' Director Duncan Jones For 'Source Code'

Jake GyllenhaalDuncan Jones doesn't look to be revisiting space anytime soon, though the "Moon" filmmaker is on his way back to theaters with Jake Gyllenhaal at his side.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jones will direct "Source Code," a new science fiction thriller produced by Philippe Rousselet and Mark Gordon through the former's Vendome Pictures. Gyllenhaal is currently in talks to star.

"Source Code" focuses on a soldier that inexplicably awakens in the body of a commuter, with one or both of these characters presumably played by Gyllenhaal. In the commuter's body, the soldier is forced to solve the mystery behind a train explosion.

While his debut film wasn't particularly lucrative, Duncan Jones' "Moon" was widely acclaimed for the director's vision and the performance — or performances, I should say — of leading man Sam Rockwell. Kevin Spacey, who provided voice work in the film, is one of the other very few actors credited in "Moon," which tells the story of an astronaut's rapid descent to madness towards the end of his three-year stint working on the moon all by his lonesome.

"Moon" boasted a heavy emphasis on tricks of the mind and other forms of psychosis, which are likely themes for "Source Code" based on the premise. I think that Gyllenhaal, like Rockwell, is a solid actor — who arguably doesn't always make the greatest career choices — and should be fun to watch under Jones' direction.

More than anything, I'm just psyched for more work from Jones. Thanks to him, Neill Blomkamp and a handful of other filmmakers, science fiction fans have had a pretty fantastic year with the likes of "Moon" and "District 9." Hopefully "Source Code" will be another solid notch in the genre's belt.

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