An EXCLUSIVE Look At 'Star Trek: The Art Of The Film'

We were just discussing in the MTV Newsroom last week the fact that J.J. Abrams' reimagined take on "Star Trek" was this summer's "Dark Knight." They're both releases which transcended their geeky followings to deliver universally enjoyable movie-going experiences for one and all. Next week, the theatrical release finally comes home to DVD and Blu-ray for viewers to enjoy, along with all manner of other behind-the-scenes material.

Chief among those is Titan Entertainment's hardcover coffee table book, "Star Trek: The Art of the Film." Featuring a mixture of concept art, behind-the-scenes photos and movie stills, the book gives fans a look into the process of how the classic, decades-old franchise was translated to hold an appeal for modern audiences. After the jump, check out three exclusive design sketches of what eventually became the beast that pursued James T. Kirk (Chris Pine) during his stay on the ice planet Delta Vega. And you'll have a chance to see plenty more when "Star Trek: The Art of the Film" from Titan Books hits stores on November 17.

In case you're wondering, here's the text accompanying that third image:

Abrams asked [Neville] Page to design a Delta Vega creature with red skin, multiple eyes, and a “disgusting mouth,” for which the designer took his cue from the medical condition of “rectal prolapse.” “The inside of the mouth was a whole new level of obscene,” Page sheepishly admitted of the creature affectionately known as “Big Red.” “…But a good creature design has to have some amount of within-our-universe parameters to keep it grounded in a plausible state.”