'Alice In Wonderland' Newness: Alan Rickman's Caterpillar Revealed!

I'm a longtime fan of Tim Burton and a forever fan of Disney's animated classic, "Alice in Wonderland." So the idea that the two are combining into one beautiful work of nightmare-inducing psychedelia has me pretty tickled. So as you might imagine, I've been following the upcoming movie's development pretty closely.

All along, the one thing I've been most excited about seeing -- and the one thing that's been kept under wraps for all this time -- has been the character of the hookah-smoking caterpillar, who will be voiced by Alan Rickman. It made me feel better when Tim Burton told us over the summer that he hadn't even seen the character yet, but it's still an itch that I've been hoping to scratch. Not anymore though!

The folks at /Film found a magazine scan over the weekend from what appears to be Disney's fan magazine (the DeviantArt user responsible for the scans didn't specify), which features our first look at Rickman's caterpillar. You can peep the closeup below or check out the full image -- a spread featuring all of the major characters -- over at /Film.