Arnold Schwarzenegger And Screen Legend Kirk Douglas In Today's Daily TwitPic

Arnold Schwarzenegger is always going to be a movie star to me, even though the duty of governing California has kept him away from Hollywood in recent years. Here's hoping that his cameo appearance in "The Expendables" is a sign that he wants to get back to acting after he finished with politics.

He's still hooked in enough that he'll take a trip to present an award. Kirk Douglas, one of the original tough guy actors, was recently given the British Film Academy's Britannia Award, and Schwarzenegger was the one to present it to him. Douglas has been quiet in recent years, but he's also 92 years old. With classics like "Spartacus," Stanley Kubrick's "Paths of Glory" and "Gunfight at the OK Corral" under his belt, the man has earned himself a rest, the better to observe the success of his son, Michael, and to collect lifetime achievement awards, like the one seen after the jump in today's Daily TwitPic.

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