Eminem's Follow-Up To '8 Mile' Is 3-D Horror Anthology 'Shady Talez'

In 2002, hip hop star Eminem impressed a helluva lot of people with his work in the sort-of-biographical drama, "8 Mile." He's been relatively quiet on the Hollywood front since then, other than a few publicity stunts. All that is about to change however, as Eminem is preparing to return to the silver screen.

Next up for Slim Shady is "Shady Talez," a 3-D horror anthology described as "'Twilight Zone' meets 'Creepshow'" by ScreenDaily, which broke the news. The project is a collaboration between "I, Robot" producer John Davis and writer/producer Dallas Jackson, under the D.J. Classicz/Davis Entertainment label. Jackson will co-write the story with "Underworld" creator Kevin Grevioux; the duo will also produce a four-issue comic book miniseries based on the movie under the Marvel Icons label, for a 2010 release.

ScreenDaily doesn't have many more details on "Shady Talez" to share beyond that. D.J. Classicz/Davis Entertainment have a number of other upcoming projects, including "The Last Dragon" (also written by Jackson), which reportedly has Samuel L. Jackson attached. Another potentially interesting project is "Rhythm and Juliet," a martial arts-infused interpretation of "Romeo & Juliet" written by "Stomp the Yard" scribe Gregory Anderson.

Obviously this development with Eminem is big news for the fledgling partnership. We'll certainly be digging for more information on "Shady Talez," but for now we can all rest easy in the knowledge that the real Slim Shady will bring his talents to Hollywood once more.

Are you a fan of "8 Mile"? Are you excited to see Eminem return to the silver screen? Is horror the right choice? What else would you like to see him in?