More 'New Moon' Stills Surface As November 20 Creeps Closer

I envy you Twilighters, I really do. As a lifelong "Star Wars" geek, I remember well the anticipation leading up to the release of the prequel trilogy. Sure, those later episodes didn't please me as a fan in the same way that the originals did and continue to do, but the mounting excitement, the event surrounding each release, it was a hoot. So I envy that you get to go through all of that excitement-- it makes for fun times.

Since I can also relate to the joy of seeing most of the movie in clips and stills before it even hits theaters, I'm here to bring you the latest photo gallery update. A whole new batch of "New Moon" stills for you to enjoy, roughly a dozen of them. Just click the image below to be magically transported to our newly updated flipbook gallery.