EXCLUSIVE: David Goyer Teases Future 'FlashForward' Characters

FlashForwardLast night's episode of "FlashForward" took one character off the board while introducing another in the form of Blue Hand associate Jeff Slingerland, played by Callum Keith Rennie of "Battlestar Galactica" fame. It's a tradition that fans of the ABC series should get used to, as executive producer and showrunner David Goyer told MTV News that there are plenty of new characters waiting in the wings as the episodes progress.

"We're introducing quite a few new characters down the line," said Goyer, who revealed that he and the "FlashForward" writers have already penned episodes with the adult version of the scarred Somalian boy from episode three. "We have already written that character as an adult. We're hoping to have a certain actor play him. We haven't nailed it down yet, but we're crossing our fingers."

Several "FlashForward" fans and reviewers have speculated that Michael K. Williams — who famously played stick-up artist Omar on "The Wire" — would play the grown-up version of the mysterious Somalian child. When asked if "the certain actor" was the same one that many are crossing their fingers for, Goyer coyly replied: "Probably."

In addition to the enigmatic Somalian, Goyer also said that a very important character named Miles Fogel would be played by actor Michael Ealy, who starred on "Sleeper Cell" opposite fellow "FlashForward" actress Sonya Walger. Ealy's casting was announced in October by TV Guide, who described his character as a "new thorn in Detective Benford's side."

"He effectively becomes a series regular with [episode ten]," Goyer said of Ealy's character.

Additionally, Dr. Bryce Varley (Zachary Knighton) takes a prominent role in the show's ninth episode, which will introduce viewers to the mysterious Japanese woman seen in his flash-forward.

"That's the subject of episode nine, which is almost entirely his episode," said Goyer. "We introduce another of our cast members in that one — her name is Keiko. She's from Japan, and I can't say too much more about who she is, but she's involved in Bryce's story."

And fans haven't seen the last of the aforementioned Callum Keith Rennie either, as Goyer said that the actor will hopefully return "two or three more times this season and potentially for the second season" should Rennie's schedule allow for these appearances.

Are you excited about the new faces coming to "FlashForward"? Do you think Michael K. Williams will appear down the line, or is it wishful thinking? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section and on Twitter!