'2012' Wants You To 'Download My Blog' And An Angelina Jolie Vampire Around The Blogosphere

-- It's been awhile, but I'm back with a look at what's going on Around the Blogosphere. First up for today is something from my good pal Jordan Hoffman at UGO. Hoffman has seen "2012" and he's not able to say much about it, but he did step up to confirm one fact: Woody Harrelson's character does indeed speak the words "Download my blog" during the movie. The thought over at UGO is that this should be the next great meme, something to replace the still-reigning "Chaos reigns" from director Lars Von Trier's genital-mutilating art-horror flick "Antichrist." Go check out what Jordan has to say; he explains it far better than I do. (UGO)

-- Next up I have the greatest photo gallery of all time to share with you. It is called "Stormtroopers 365." It is (or will be, when it's done) 365 images of Imperial Stormtroopers and other "Star Wars" figures arranged in a variety of hilarious situations. You can see a small piece of one up there on the right. You'd be better off checking out the whole gallery. It's amazing. (Stormtroopers 365)

-- Finally, Worth1000 has yet another awesome Photoshop contest for you to enjoy. This one is especially for you Twilighters. "New Moon" is mere weeks away, so we'll be seeing more and more vampire content flooding the web as November 20 draws closer. The latest Worth1000 contest asked users to send in their doctored images of celebrities-as-vampires. It's pretty fantastic. Below you'll find a tiny taste. (Worth1000, via Sci Fi Wire)