Jim Carrey's Website Will Burrow Into Your Brain As 'Disney's A Christmas Carol' Hits Theaters

Have you been to JimCarrey.com? It's seriously weird. A Flash-powered gallery of insights into the mind of a man who once bent over and used his rear end as a second mouth (true story; see "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective"). The home page alone is filled with imagery that will surely seep its way into my nightmares over the coming weeks.

What, you ask? How about the VW Minibus teetering on the tip of what appears to be a giant stalagmite with an oversized Carrey dancing on its roof while an orange tentacle reaches out from the inside to grab his leg. I can't make this stuff up people. Jim Carrey is an odd individual. The VW is just a starting point too, one of several that leads you to the other deranged areas of the actor's web portal.

A little poking around reveals that it's pretty much a standard-issue artist's page from a content standpoint. There's actually a bit more than is usual, including a surprising number of candid photos of the "A Christmas Carol" star (in theaters today), vintage video footage of his stand-up work and clips from various TV appearances.

The trick is finding it all. You pretty much just have to hover your mouse cursor around the page until you find a live link. Sure, you could use the gateways listed at the bottom, but where's the fun in that? There's a profound helping of weirdness on offer here, and you'll enjoy it most if you simply go with it. Each page is a "Where's Waldo"-esque collage of Carrey career references. How many can you spot, and from what? Share your observations in the comments section below.