Jeremy Piven On The Field During The World Series In Today's Daily TwitPic

Jealousy is a... well it's not cool. And it's hard to look at today's Daily TwitPic without feeling a few twangs. Blame Jeremy Piven, star of the HBO hit series "Entourage." While most of us were sitting in the comfort of our own homes, watching the game on hi def TVs with ample supplies of beer, chips and friends all around, Piven was freezing his ass off on the field at one of the Yanks/Phillies games at Yankee Stadium.

He still had a cooler night though, didn't he? In the pic below, you can see Piven posing for the shot next to a very large man in a Yankees windbreaker. Given the setting and outfit choice, non-sports fans can be forgiven for assuming said gentleman is a Yankee. My keen investigative journalism skills tell me otherwise however. Scanning down the pic's comments list, you can clearly see someone identify the guy as Brian Urlacher, star linebacker for the Chicago Bears. Go journalism.

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