EXCLUSIVE: 'FlashForward' Showrunner David Goyer Discusses Marc Guggenheim's Exit

A few weeks back, Marc Guggenheim departed his role as co-showrunner of "FlashForward," leaving the job solely to co-creator David Goyer. The move came as a surprise to many, considering the critical approval that the show has received. Goyer himself touts tonight's episode as the best installment yet. Sure there are challenges, but that is true of every show on television.

Many have wondered how Guggenheim's exit might effect the upcoming slate of episodes. Goyer has a great background in film and TV; his writing on Chris Nolan's "Batman" films revived the ailing franchise and he executive produced the underrated TV series "Threshold." "FlashForward" is his biggest TV project yet, but he brings a lot of experience to the table and will be fine without Guggenheim. Besides, Goyer told MTV in a recent interview that the departure was hardly a surprise — indeed, it was always part of the plan.

"The deal with Marc — and I'm very grateful to him in terms of helping us get going and using his brain to break stories — he had a development deal with ABC to develop pilots, so that was always something we were going to have to contend with," Goyer told MTV News.

"The other complication when we got started was our co-executive producer Lisa Zwerling went on maternity leave two months into our show," he elaborated. "She just came back three weeks ago, so when she came back, we were a little top heavy. Marc wanted to develop other things, so we figured that that was the best time to transition out."

As of right now, Goyer is captaining the "FlashForward" ship without a co-showrunner, but his spirits remain high.

"So far so good," he said. "The hardest thing is that, aside from directing episodes, I end up directing pick-ups and things like that every couple of weeks for a day or two. Whenever I'm doing that, I'm out of the room, so that's when we're stretched the thinnest. [But] it's possible that we may bring in someone else, or perhaps at the very end of the season after ['FlashForward' co-creator Brannon Braga] is done with '24,' he may come in again."

Of course, this is a business and numbers often dictate changes even when quality clearly isn't an issue. It's an old story on television, and "FlashForward" is just as susceptible as anyone else. Last week's episode posted the lowest numbers yet, but in fairness it aired during a particularly divisive World Series matchup between the New York Yankees and the Philadelphia Phillies.

"There's no way to know for sure if the World Series was a factor or not until the next few episodes air," admitted Goyer. "Who knows. You'll drive yourself crazy doing too much monday morning quarterbacking. But I know our DVR numbers are through the roof and once you factor those in, we're pretty healthy. We're not a home run — I don't know what you'd call it — a modest hit, or something like that. We're certainly healthy enough to have earned a full season. ABC is assuming we'll be back for a second season and we're already talking about that. I feel that we'll be around for another season."

With Goyer now helming the great ship "FlashForward," are there any changes you'd like to see him make, if any? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or on Twitter!