Guy Fawkes Day Remembered On MTV Splash Page Through The Lens Of 'V For Vendetta'

FROM SPLASH PAGE: Do you remember, remember, the fifth of November? Aside from being the day after the New York Yankees won the 2009 World Series, it's also widely known as Guy Fawkes Day—a day that has some significance not just for our revolutionary-minded readers, but also for comic book fans in general thanks to Alan Moore's "V For Vendetta."

Guy Fawkes, a 17th century revolutionary, attempted to blow up England's Parliament building on November 5, 1605, in what is now commonly referred to as as the Gunpowder Plot. After getting caught, tortured and subsequently executed by British authorities, Fawkes' efforts and likeness became immortalized through parables, rhymes and other such stories—including comic books.

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