'2012' Follows Up With Humanity's Survivors On The Small Screen In '2013'

Spoiler warning? Next week, director Roland Emmerich will unleash his latest global disaster epic, "2012." I love a good event blockbuster, especially when digital effects and scenery chewing combine in a world-ending orgy of capital-A-Amazing. And Emmerich is the unquestioned master of such things, with feathers like "Independence Day" and "The Day After Tomorrow" in his cap.

Fanboy leanings aside, I have to question the necessity of a "2012" spin-off TV series. Emmerich told Entertainment Weekly that such plans are in the works, with the movie's executive producer Mark Gordon ("Grey's Anatomy") also attached. As the director told EW, "The movie talks about the varied reactions people have in the face of disaster and who should survive and how we carry on and what parts of our culture do we save. The TV show could carry on all that."

The plan is to set the series in the aftermath of the destruction. “The plan is that it is 2013 and it’s about what happens after the disaster,” Emmerich said. "It is about the resettling of Earth. ['2012' producer Harold Kloser and I] said to Mark, ‘Why don’t you do a TV show that picks up where the movie leaves off and call it 2013?’"

It's an idea that is very much in keeping with a current trend sweeping the serial TV drama landscape, this idea of a global event shaping (or re-shaping, as in this case) the face of human culture. Look at "FlashForward" or "V" for recent examples. They deal with these sort of monumental events, moments that occur where people around the world can turn to one another and ask "where were you when...?"

Still, it strikes me as rather presumptuous to start talking about a TV series for "2012" in advance of the movie's release. Not to mention the danger of revealing too much about the plot of the film. I'm not going to reprint his quotes here, but Emmerich reveals more than he probably should have in his EW chat. I haven't seen the movie yet, and I definitely know more about the plot -- more than I want to -- after reading the director's comments. Not that it matters terribly with a movie like this. It's the ride that makes the difference after all. That said, I'm still not about to go out looking for a detailed plot synopsis.

Spoilers aside, it's clear there's follow-up potential of some kind in "2012," and TV would probably be the best forum for it. The scale of the destruction seen in trailers and clips is proof that there's really no "happy ending" in store for the planet Earth seen in the movie. That doesn't mean there aren't plenty of stories to be told in a post-apocalyptic world however. I'm just not sure that now is the right time to start discussing such ideas.

What do you think? Did Emmerich speak out of turn in revealing his TV plans? Does it not matter, since a movie like "2012" is all about the eye candy? How would you hope to see the story pick up in a TV series?