Danny DeVito Visits An Old Friend In Today's Daily TwitPic

This morning's Daily TwitPic is a little bit deep cut. You should know who Danny DeVito is. Even if you're not old enough to remember comedy classics like "Twins," "Ruthless People" or "Batman Returns" (he was The Penguin!), not to mention the hit TV series "Taxi," he's still sitting in the public eye thanks to the success of FX series "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia." It isn't too sunny in Philly this morning though. GO YANKS!

But I digress. Today's Daily TwitPic sees DeVito sitting down for a photo op with an old friend, perennial "that guy" actor Tracey Walter. Seriously, you've seen him before. Walter actually beat DeVito to the "Batman" franchise, playing The Joker's top henchman in the first movie, directed by Tim Burton. He has appeared with DeVito in a number of films though, including the awesome, ridiculously underrated dark comedy "Death to Smoochy."

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