Colin Firth Wants To Make 'Mamma Mia 2' A Pretty Hate Machine

Remember the “Mamma Mia!” movie that came out last year? The one that starred Meryl Streep and was based on the stage musical, which itself was based on a whole bunch of ABBA songs from the '70s? Yeah, well that movie is now the highest-grossing film of all time in the UK box-office, having beaten James Cameron’s “Titanic.” Lemme state that again: “Mamma Mia!” is the highest-grossing film of all time in the UK box-office.

So, there’s gotta be a sequel, right?

“I have heard things about it,” admitted Colin Firth, who played one of the three possible dads who were serenaded by Amanda Seyfried and seduced by Streep in the original hit film.

Over the last few months, we’ve heard rumblings that, although it could be awhile, a sequel is in the works. Streep and Seyfried are both in, but unfortunately ABBA may be the biggest obstacle to the sequel. Singer/songwriter Bjorn Ulvaeus has stated his opposition in no uncertain terms, saying “It wouldn’t work,” despite the stars’ pleas that Ulvaeus and his bandmates should listen to their own lyrics and take a chance on them.

“I heard an interview with the writer that said that it was being thought about,” explained Firth, who can be heard this weekend providing a voice in Robert Zemeckis’ “A Christmas Carol” remake. “I also read an article in a newspaper - this is all public domain stuff, I’ve got no inside [info]- that Benny Andersson of Abba said it’s not going to be with Abba music.”

Indeed, Andersson seems to be in agreement with Ulvaeus, and since so many ABBA classics were used in the first film, it’s unlikely a screenwriter would even have enough leftover hits to cobble together a sequel. Instead, Firth said, he’s been hearing that the people behind the franchise are exploring a plan B.

“If they are thinking about it,” he revealed, “I think they might be looking for a different band to hook it on.”

Wow, another band? But who has the hit songs, a sizeable enough fanbase, and the kinds of lyrics that could drive an entire movie’s screenplay? Grinning, Firth offered his choice – a band led by a man who has expressed interest for getting into musicals.

“I don’t know,” he laughed. “Nine Inch Nails?”

Who do you think should be the band to serve as musical inspiration for “Mamma Mia 2”?