Bauhaus Singer Peter Murphy Films His 'Eclipse' Cameo

FROM MTV.COM: When "30 Days of Night" filmmaker David Slade took the reins of the "Twilight" sequel "Eclipse," his appointment seemed to raise more questions than answers. Would the über-violent filmmaker create the bloodiest film of the franchise? Would he attempt to broaden its appeal beyond women and teenage girls? How much of the creative voice would he wrestle away from Stephenie Meyer and make his own?

Now, many of those details are coming into view via a top-secret cameo Slade has filmed ... with a 1980s new-wave rock icon.

"[When I was young], I was a huge fan of a guy who does a cameo in 'Eclipse,' a guy named Peter Murphy," revealed Billy Burke, the veteran actor who plays Bella's father, Charlie Swan, when he stopped by the MTV studios this week. "He used to be the singer of Bauhaus."

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